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#18295 [Patch] Splitting large multipolygons reopened multipolygon split Don-vip enhancement major
#6160 filter doesn't work as expected on multipolygon relations new multipolygon team defect normal
#6337 Add option to download incomplete multipolygons new multipolygon download incomplete team enhancement normal
#6338 Better display of incomplete multipolygons new multipolygon incomplete display team enhancement normal
#7012 Handle relation membership in "create multipolygon" new create multipolygon move memberships team enhancement normal
#8709 Offer to convert into a multipolygon relation when splitting an area new split, area, multipolygon team enhancement normal
#9558 Different colors when highlighting a polygon new color, polygon team enhancement normal
#10234 Multipolygon - added inner closed way should have inner role set new multipolygon team enhancement normal
#10324 test whether relation member ways are properly ordered new multipolygon order team enhancement normal
#10631 Filling in inner parts with the outer area doesn't work as expected new template_report multipolygon team defect normal
#10744 [patch proof-of-concept] Ease Multipolygon-Creation and Handling if selection overlaps ways that already take part in another MP new multipolygon team enhancement normal
#11091 Smartly create boundary relations new boundary multipolygon relation team enhancement normal
#11101 Issue a warning when multipolygon relations grow too large new multipolygon team enhancement normal
#12579 Add inner polygons when using Tools → Create multipolygon new default create multipolygon inner outer tool team defect normal
#12625 Propose to merge multipolygon tags into polygon tags when taking an outer polygon off the relation new multipolygon outer split merge helper tag team enhancement normal
#12862 Shortcut to select the outer way of a selected multipolygon new multipolygon, shortcut, outer team enhancement normal
#13152 Unecessary decision dialog while merging two ways that are part of a multipolygon new multipolygon team defect normal
#13600 too far away check does not use multipolygons new template_report associatedStreet multipolygon team defect normal
#13678 Problem with closed multipolygon displaying and test new multipolygon team defect normal
#13944 ImproveWayAccuracy should allow node merging to closest one when creating it new ImproveWayAccuracy merge creation closest polygon team enhancement normal
#14006 Multipolygon: combinedPolygons not updated on node merge new template_report, multipolygon team defect normal
#14651 No tag conflict handling for "Update Multipolygon" new multipolygon conflict team defect normal
#14826 Allow independent area style for outer ways of multipolygons new template_report regression multipolygon team enhancement normal
#15595 Improve conflict resolving dialog for relations new template_report, relation, multipolygon, conflict team enhancement normal
#18019 [Patch] Creating a multipolygon is wrongly moving highway=* to the relation assigned multipolygon create move tags GerdP enhancement normal
#18610 Do not show warning about modified incomplete multipolygon when only tags were added/modified new template_report incomplete multipolygon team enhancement normal
#19148 Problems with multipolygon consisting of several separate areas with same primary tag but different secondary tags. new template_report multipolygon team defect normal
#19594 [Patch] converting to multipolygon too aggressive assigned multipolygon create move tags GerdP defect normal
#20473 Multipolygon repeating the tag of an outer way is not flagged new template_report multipolygon team defect normal
#20909 "No area style for multipolygon" produces lots of duplicates new template_report multipolygon area style team defect normal
#21201 Display problem for riverbank multipolygon new template_report incomplete multipolygon team defect normal
#21594 don't ask about relation membership handling when combining 2 ways which are part of the same multipolygon new relation, multipolygon, combine way team defect normal
#22940 [Patch] add autofix for node[type=multipolygon] and most way[type=multipolygon] new template_report type multipolygon team enhancement normal
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