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#6002 "Upload selection" should not check for parents new upload selection conflict parent team defect major
#9929 Replace geometry does not use nodes with multiple parents reopened replace geometry node multiple parent team enhancement normal
#14290 Parent selector is selecting both child and parent new mapcss parent child selector team defect normal
#16411 [patch] Adds a new utils2plugin action, tool menu item and shortcut to copy features with parent relations new copy parent relation team enhancement normal
#17442 [Patch] Avoid to show conflict dialog with Replace Geometry new template_report replace geometry conflict parent relation team enhancement normal
#20826 Option to allow conflating of node with (multiple) parent way new template_report node multiple parent way Tyndare enhancement normal
#20837 Disconnect node from way: No notification about the possibility of breaking relations new template_report disconnect node parent relation team defect normal
#21187 Command Stack deleted after unsuccessful upload and conflict not found in first place new template_report upload selection conflict deleted object parent command stack team defect normal
#21188 Upload Selection fails without info on read timeout during check of parents of deleted objects new template_report upload selection deleted object parent team defect normal
#23229 JOSM-mapcss Limited Parent - Child selectors for nodes with OSM hierarchy relation, way, node new mapcss parent child selector team enhancement normal
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