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#8085 conflict management and deleted nodes and ways new conflict resolution reference deleted object team enhancement major
#21154 Split Object: Invalid, self-crossing closed ways created new template_report Split Object self-intersecting overlapping ways team defect major
#5439 Implement ability to hide selected object new hide expose object team enhancement normal
#6302 general function for splitting areas into multiple rows and columns new split object team enhancement normal
#6319 More information and options on error 410 pop up (deleted object) new 401 error deleted object ResponseCode upload-api-response team enhancement normal
#6955 (patch (unfinished)) Introducing JMapView SceneGraph new scene graph objects labels jhuntley enhancement normal
#8225 split object with several split ways selected. new split, object team enhancement normal
#12548 Proper colors for modified nodes in way history new ObjectHistory background highlight children team defect normal
#13706 History browser: color moved relation members differently new ObjectHistory background highlight children team defect normal
#18648 combine objects: tag conflict: no warning for equal values which should be summed up new template_report tag conflict sum combine object team defect normal
#18650 combine objects: tag conflict: support more keys with option to sum up values new template_report combine object tag conflict sum team enhancement normal
#19654 Purge: Option to deselect dependent objects from list new template_report purge dependent object team enhancement normal
#20906 Add matching mode "closed way contains element" new match object inside area Tyndare enhancement normal
#21153 Split Object: Overlapping areas created assigned Split Object overlapping ways relations GerdP defect normal
#21155 Split Object: Always use the selected unclosed way as split way new Split Object way node neighbors team enhancement normal
#21186 Undo Selection + Select last modified nodes/ways do not work with deleted objects new template_report undo selection select last modified deleted objects team defect normal
#21187 Command Stack deleted after unsuccessful upload and conflict not found in first place new template_report upload selection conflict deleted object parent command stack team defect normal
#21188 Upload Selection fails without info on read timeout during check of parents of deleted objects new template_report upload selection deleted object parent team defect normal
#21189 Wrong number of objects in upload dialog and no option to upload only some deleted objects. new template_report upload selection deleted objects team defect normal
#21542 Problem with Ignore list and new objects new template_report ignore list id:0 new object team enhancement normal
#21739 Barrier=gate not possible to be tag on way needinfo template_report gate object type way pl71 enhancement normal
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