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#9929 Replace geometry does not use nodes with multiple parents reopened replace geometry node multiple parent team enhancement normal
#10226 Verify multiple equal values new mapcss multiple values repetition team enhancement normal
#15007 Tagging preset: check and set key/value for more then one kv. new tagging preset multiple tags checkbox team enhancement normal
#20334 Validator - complain if tag is present with different "lifecycle" states new multiple lifecycle team enhancement normal
#20826 Option to allow conflating of node with (multiple) parent way new template_report node multiple parent way Tyndare enhancement normal
#21249 Warn about conflicting or unneeded values in access tags new access multiple conflicting value team enhancement normal
#22332 Filters set to 'hide' objects completely override and disable other active 'hiding' filters new filter, hide, override, replace, multiple team defect normal
#22633 Check tag with multiple values on power lines when changing direction of way new power line multiple voltage wire team enhancement normal
#5194 Add/edit multiple point/objects/POI in a table/grid. new multiple POI table grid import team enhancement minor
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