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#3560 Tool bar buttons: add small arrow indicating submenu new toolbar button submenu indicator team enhancement normal
#6273 Add extra menu entries for "Rotate 90 degrees to the right/left" new menu team enhancement normal
#7806 reorganize tools menus new GUI usability menu team enhancement normal
#10537 Imagery menu hangs when an external layer icon cannot be loaded new menu icon connection download asynchronous team defect normal
#11483 Unexpected action on list when press right key new menu team defect normal
#13456 Structure/clean the main menu new menu team enhancement normal
#13519 "Selection" main menu new mainmenu, selectionmenu team enhancement normal
#14541 Configure toolbar: Impossible to add almost any core submenu new toolbar menu button submenu team defect normal
#14853 Drop File->"Export to Gpx" new menu simon04 enhancement normal
#14982 Drop down menu for Undelete Plugin new drop down menu team enhancement normal
#19528 Download Dialog: Bounding Box: Context menu partly hidden new template_report download dialog bbox context menu team defect normal
#20076 The main menu does not fit in the program window new template_report main menu team defect normal
#21831 Add confirmation message to flush the tile cache new template_report context menu flush tile cache team enhancement normal
#23324 fix middlemouse-hold-overlay-menu height new middle mouse,select,overlay menu team defect normal
#19157 Layer panel context menu: Save option not disabled with no changes new template_report save layer context menu team enhancement minor
#21561 Symbol in search expression missing in notification and enable filter menu new template_report search filter notification menu team defect minor
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