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Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Milestone Component
#2474 Provide scrolling drop down menus enhancement closed critical Core
#15457 JOSM menu bar not accessible/shown in macOS 10.13 defect closed critical Core
#2357 Shortening Presets Menu defect closed major Internal preset
#2400 menu order help and routing enhancement closed major Plugin
#3185 New Layer-Menu <-> WMS-Plugin defect closed major Core imagery
#10392 the menus are incomplete on small displays (netbooks) defect closed major 14.08 Core
#10882 [patch] Implement search box for main menu enhancement closed major 15.02 Core
#15654 JOSM is blocked if it can't download a layer icon defect closed major 17.12 Core imagery
#59 [patch] Dialog menu enhancement closed normal Core
#4277 Put MRU list in File menu enhancement closed normal Core
#5612 some menu-items not accessible if menu height > vertical screen resolution defect closed normal Core
#5626 [PATCH] Include cadastre-fr preferences in cadastre menu enhancement closed normal Plugin cadastre-fr
#5735 Crash while dragging defect closed normal Core
#5875 [GUI improvement] send sidebar buttons into main menu enhancement closed normal Core
#6043 Fehler beim Umbau der Menubar defect closed normal Core
#6230 NPE clicking on map view with activated main menu defect closed normal Core
#6355 Rework menus / place plugin tools in own menu enhancement closed normal Core
#6424 make "Info about elements" available in selection toggle dialog menu enhancement closed normal Core
#6554 Not fully displayed the "tools" enhancement closed normal unspecified
#6773 [Patch] Provide shortcuts for History and Advanced info dialog enhancement closed normal Core
#6895 [Patch] Add Map Paint Styles to View menu enhancement closed normal Core
#6989 Advanced information menu leading to a bad link defect closed normal Core
#7068 Spelling error in menu enhancement closed normal Core
#7327 [Patch] show hint in undo-menu which action will be undone (from event stack) enhancement closed normal Core
#7575 Non-scrollable menu for Imagery offset defect closed normal Core imagery
#8749 "add to relation" in relation toggle dialog context menu leads to many empty roles. defect closed normal 16.02 Core
#8832 Export to GPX missing in main menu "file" / no short cut info in context menu defect closed normal Core
#9193 Dropdown menus require offset cursor defect closed normal Core
#10207 with multi-monitor setup arrows aren't displayed in drop-down menu defect closed normal 14.07 Core
#10397 Imagery >> More menu entry disappeared defect closed normal Core imagery
#10778 assocStreet - automatic member type assignment is broken defect closed normal 14.11 Core
#11398 Install windows version for all windows users defect closed normal 21.08 Installer Windows
#11953 Drop menu file in favor of desktop file defect closed normal 15.10 Ubuntu package
#12244 Menu rework breaks shortcut preferences defect closed normal 15.12 Core
#12662 Ctrl+Spacebar ignores map modes enhancement closed normal 19.10 Core
#14328 Grey out unsuitable preset options based on the selected object enhancement closed normal Core
#14462 Add "edit" to context menu in relations list enhancement closed normal 19.01 Core
#15397 Make toolbar buttons of JCheckBoxMenuItems reflect toggle state enhancement closed normal 21.03 Core
#15568 search menu items : add higlight for the selected item defect closed normal 17.11 Core
#15589 .jar version under mac os contain "MainApplication" menu name instead of "JOSM" (like mac os zip-file does) defect closed normal Core
#16935 wrong help page linked defect closed normal 18.11 Core
#17427 HTML in imagery tooltips defect closed normal 19.03 Core
#17915 macos: HTML in menu tooltips does not work with Aqua L&F defect closed normal 21.07 Core
#18313 Registered toolbar action imagery_xxx overwritten org.openstreetmap.josm.actions.AddImageryLayerAction defect closed normal 19.11 Core imagery
#18692 Show Duplicate relation in context menu enhancement closed normal 20.03 Core
#19021 Never hide presets menu enhancement closed normal 20.05 Core
#19329 History browser: Actions of context menu of version list always disabled defect closed normal Core
#19997 [Patch] Disable MapPaint style submenu for empty settings enhancement closed normal 20.11 Core mappaint
#21000 [Patch] Wrong link in help defect closed normal 21.06 Core
#21148 [Patch] Context specific help (F1) not properly working in menus defect closed normal 21.07 Core
#1839 [FIXME BUILD ERROR] Sorting presets menu enhancement closed minor Core
#2614 bug with flowing menus defect closed minor Core
#2948 Disable tools and presets menus when no data is available defect closed minor Core
#7042 Add "call relation editor" to right click menu of validator and properties toggle dialog. enhancement closed minor 14.05 Core
#8989 Tagging-preset-tester-plugin not available without data layer defect closed minor Plugin tagging-preset-tester
#11171 no keyboard shortcut/access for the "search box for main menu" enhancement closed minor Core
#13510 View menu items are not disabled after last OSM data layer was removed defect closed minor 16.10 Core
#15572 Render layer contextual menu icons with the same size enhancement closed minor 17.11 Core
#22783 Presets menu: Sorting fails on second and third item (Search actions should be on top) defect closed minor 23.03 Core
#1552 Suggestion: Show object types for items in the presets menus enhancement closed trivial Core
#19237 Add more icons to text box context menu enhancement closed trivial 20.05 Core

Status: new (16 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Milestone Component
#3560 Tool bar buttons: add small arrow indicating submenu enhancement new normal Core
#6273 Add extra menu entries for "Rotate 90 degrees to the right/left" enhancement new normal Plugin utilsplugin2
#7806 reorganize tools menus enhancement new normal Core
#10537 Imagery menu hangs when an external layer icon cannot be loaded defect new normal Core imagery
#11483 Unexpected action on list when press right key defect new normal Core imagery
#13456 Structure/clean the main menu enhancement new normal Core
#13519 "Selection" main menu enhancement new normal Core
#14541 Configure toolbar: Impossible to add almost any core submenu defect new normal Core
#14853 Drop File->"Export to Gpx" enhancement new normal Core
#14982 Drop down menu for Undelete Plugin enhancement new normal Plugin undelete
#19528 Download Dialog: Bounding Box: Context menu partly hidden defect new normal Core
#20076 The main menu does not fit in the program window defect new normal Plugin
#21831 Add confirmation message to flush the tile cache enhancement new normal Core imagery
#23324 fix middlemouse-hold-overlay-menu height defect new normal Core
#19157 Layer panel context menu: Save option not disabled with no changes enhancement new minor Core
#21561 Symbol in search expression missing in notification and enable filter menu defect new minor Core
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