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#4368 conflict-list sorting new conflict list sort team enhancement normal
#4399 tree-view for relation-list new relation list navigation team enhancement normal
#6656 OpeningHoursEditor corrections + enhancements new openinghourseditor plugin enhancement boxes shortcut description dialog list drop-down holiday boman enhancement normal
#7140 Improvements for /capabilities at startup new api capabilities blacklist team enhancement normal
#7317 Cycle list is different for middle-click and Alt+click reopened cycle select list team defect normal
#14934 Interface improvement for `destination` tags and all other semicolon-separated list values new list tag semicolon GUI combobox team enhancement normal
#21208 Align text and center icons in lists in preference dialogs new template_report preferences center icon align text list team enhancement normal
#21542 Problem with Ignore list and new objects new template_report ignore list id:0 new object team enhancement normal
#21740 IAE: Attempted to add listener that was already in list: external preset with group name RoadSigns new template_report listener regression team defect normal
#22002 Presets: XmlParsingException using reference plus list_entry in chunk new template_report preset xml exception chunk reference list_entry team defect normal
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