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#5879 Force purge nodes with tags along way reopened power=line purge team enhancement normal
#12455 Auto-detect network loss and enable `--offline=all` at start new slow, network, offline team enhancement normal
#13914 More descriptive network connection issues message new network slow offline upload-api-response team enhancement normal
#17406 Complain about nodes shared by man_made=pipeline and highway=*, do not offer to merge nodes of man_made=pipeline and highway=* new template_report highway pipeline team enhancement normal
#18712 Extend offline mode to disallow downloads to third party sites new network offline team enhancement normal
#18904 JOSM requires 45s to start via mobile hotspot w/o mobile reception new network slow startup offline team defect normal
#20655 Command line option "update plugins" new template_report plugin update command line team enhancement normal
#21054 Work offline does not work with imagery new template_report work offline team defect normal
#21098 Strange behavior of the gpx track loader when the connection is broken new template_report offline team defect normal
#21261 Command line option --status-report does not exit new template_report command line status report regression team defect normal
#22633 Check tag with multiple values on power lines when changing direction of way new power line multiple voltage wire team enhancement normal
#22700 Follow line tool should automatically pick way segment under mouse pointer when there are multiple options new follow line, add, way, hover team enhancement normal
#22915 Allow semi-colon list in frequency=* new numeric frequency power line team enhancement normal
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