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#6337 Add option to download incomplete multipolygons new multipolygon download incomplete team enhancement normal
#6338 Better display of incomplete multipolygons new multipolygon incomplete display team enhancement normal
#11198 Option "download relation members" do not download relations which this members belongs to new download incomplete relation members team defect normal
#12790 Resolving member conflicts in relation shows member details only for one side of conflict new template_report conflict incomplete information team defect normal
#14094 Incomplete object info in the conflict dialog new conflict incomplete information team defect normal
#17980 search dialog: better user interaction with "deleted" and "incomplete" new template_report search deleted incomplete team enhancement normal
#18610 Do not show warning about modified incomplete multipolygon when only tags were added/modified new template_report incomplete multipolygon team enhancement normal
#19333 Download (incomplete) members: No message about incomplete download after connection broke while downloading new template_report incomplete download member team defect normal
#20643 Relation editor: Disable full sort and sort everything below for relations with incomplete members. new template_report sort relation editor incomplete team enhancement major
#20822 Incomplete objects marked as modified new template_report incomplete modified upload team defect normal
#21001 Relation editor: Select previous/next gap: Ignore adjacent incomplete members new template_report relation editor select gap incomplete members team enhancement normal
#21201 Display problem for riverbank multipolygon new template_report incomplete multipolygon team defect normal
#20256 False positives of some validator rules caused by incomplete data new template_report validator download area incomplete Biswesh defect normal
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