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#7282 OsmTransferCanceledException while opening changeset or uploading changes new upload, network, api, changeset, upload-api-response error ResponseCode 500 team defect major
#6319 More information and options on error 410 pop up (deleted object) new 401 error deleted object ResponseCode upload-api-response team enhancement normal
#8391 piclayer extesion error loading jpg new error loding jpeg rebsc defect normal
#12096 Getting "Read timed out" when trying to download a layer new read_timed_out, error team defect normal
#19412 Empty error message shown new template_report error 503 upload-api-response ResponseCode team defect normal
#19934 Smarter retry mechanism to avoid thousands repeated requests in case of errors 500 from imagery servers new error retry team enhancement normal
#20788 RespondsCode from overpass completely wrong formatted new template_report ResponseCode error overpass team defect normal
#21563 Opening history of relation with high version number leads to exceeding OSM bandwidth limit new template_report history error 509 bandwidth limit download team defect normal
#23173 Plugin: Opening Hours Editor has a problem with the indication "PH" for holidays new Wrong error message boman defect normal
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