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#5215 Automatically detect and fix situations, where server accepted upload and JOSM assumes upload failure new double, changeset, duplicate, node, and, way, conflict, management, upload-api-response team defect major
#7282 OsmTransferCanceledException while opening changeset or uploading changes new upload, network, api, changeset, upload-api-response error ResponseCode 500 team defect major
#5446 Ineffective upload when uploading by parts new upload changeset team defect normal
#11845 (More) nagging/warning for empty changeset comment or source new changeset, comment, source, warning team enhancement normal
#11910 [Patch in discussion] Adding imagery_used to changeset tags new changeset tags team enhancement normal
#13205 Warn users when trying to upload really large changesets new changeset upload team enhancement normal
#17075 extend "new message warning" to other types of communications new changeset discussion comment notification mail team enhancement normal
#17905 Store the imagery layers names used to edit data and use them in source new upload changeset source imagery team enhancement normal
#18101 Josm doesn't send the changeset comment new template_report upload changeset comment history combo team defect normal
#18463 changeset download: only download modified members of relations new template_report changeset content relation download team enhancement normal
#18522 "Automatically obtain source from current layers" should obtain "cuzk:ruian" for various Czech layers new upload changeset source team enhancement normal
#19481 Add own autocomplete to changeset tag table new changeset tag autocomplete team enhancement normal
#19780 Close Open Changeset picks up wrong changeset new template_report changeset team defect normal
#20625 make changeset discussion window non modal new changeset,discussion team enhancement normal
#21199 Add number to changeset comment for large uploads spanning multiple changests new upload changeset comment team enhancement normal
#21663 [PATCH] Keep changeset tags when write to file. new changeset team enhancement normal
#21904 [Patch] Pasting a changeset URL causes the changeset's objects and their historys to be downloaded new changeset url download layer team enhancement normal
#22605 No indication of and no option to delete automatically added CS-tag "hashtag" new template_report changeset tag hashtag team defect normal
#23248 automatically tag a changeset revert new tags, revert, changeset Upliner enhancement normal
#8268 Not animated progress bar after 50k/10k changeset new 10k 50k api upload changeset progress team defect minor
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