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Ticket Summary Status Keywords Owner Type Priority
#8207 Detect captive portals new template_report hotel wifi access point captive portal team enhancement normal
#17998 check for correct value of access new access value lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#18135 Add emergency=access_point preset and map style new emergency access point team enhancement normal
#18383 [WIP PATCH RFC] Add class and methods to expand `access` tags new access team enhancement normal
#19615 add mofa/moped=use_sidepath to access preset new template_report access use_sidepath mofa moped team enhancement normal
#20020 Support vehicle and motor_vehicle access tags on highways new template_report access vehicle motor_vehicle team enhancement normal
#20878 Add/Update and harmonize plain vehicle access restriction icons new vehicle restriction access plain preset team enhancement normal
#21249 Warn about conflicting or unneeded values in access tags new access multiple conflicting value team enhancement normal
#21341 Access restriction node without object new access highway node team enhancement normal
#23438 Missing Moped access for cycleway new cycleway moped access team enhancement normal
#23538 Some 'OAuth 2' access tokens work, while others do not new OAuth2 access token taylor.smock defect normal
#23630 Crash after login of Mapillary plugin new template_report OAuth access token taylor.smock defect normal
#13444 A Validator Warning should be produced when Parking Access Tag Keys not correct new parking access destination team enhancement minor
#20248 Warn of stiles on bridleway (or path with designated bicycle/horse) new stile bridleway access team enhancement minor
#21585 Render bicycle access tags on highway=pedestrian new pedestrian bike bicycle access team enhancement minor
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