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#16128 Viewport movement and zooming is terribly slow team defect major Core mappaint
#16973 MapCSSRendererTest fails on Ubuntu 18.04 team defect major Unit tests
#14666 [patch] Autoresize Tags/Memberships table to fit content? team enhancement normal Core
#15774 [PATCH] Change emergency=fire_hydrants in defaultpresets.xml according to approved proposal Klumbumbus enhancement normal Internal preset
#16006 [Patch] Using 'split adjacent ways' on multipolygons is unpredictable. GerdP defect normal Core
#16073 ImageryCompare for dead layers team enhancement normal Unit tests
#16525 [PATCH] Internal preset does not cover most tags/values of sport=climbing Don-vip enhancement normal Internal preset
#16854 Stability of created primitive IDs Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#16911 Some actions stay in redo stack but cannot be redone team defect normal Core
#16937 Support user logins ending by " !" Don-vip defect normal Core latest
#16978 [Patch] Validation: ignoring "Crossing ways" group will actually ignore all"crossing XXX" groups silently too GerdP defect normal Core validator latest
#17021 [Patch] Missing index for MapCSSTagChecker rules team enhancement normal Core
#17035 Validator: Improve progress monitor GerdP enhancement normal Core validator
#17036 "Way terminates on Area" validator warning should not be raised for ways that are explicitly tagged as ending on area team defect normal Core validator
#17040 Memory leaks team defect normal Core
#17041 [Patch] Validation isn't picking up a two node way that doubles back on itself (possibly only when it's an outer way in a multipolygon) GerdP defect normal Core validator
#17050 [Patch] Refactor the GeoImageLayer and related to use a Data class with a selection listener team enhancement normal Core image mapping
#17051 Can't copy and paste an object team defect normal Core
#17053 MapCss stop loading rule on unknown instruction Don-vip enhancement normal Core validator
#17058 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with inside() selector Don-vip defect normal Core validator
#17060 Support Internationalized domain names Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#17062 Add Taiwan Government Root CA certificate Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#17064 Error closing data layer when activating JOSM and closing the data layer at the same time team defect normal Core
#17065 UnsupportedFlavorException: Layer Don-vip defect normal Core
#17068 ConcurrentModificationException at ImageProvider.getImageUrl team defect normal Core tested
#17081 Error in TagCollection.commonToAllPrimitives() GerdP defect normal Core
#17084 Add 4wd_only team enhancement normal Internal preset
#17085 Validator geometry.mapcss team defect normal Core validator
#17095 [Patch] slow JOSM when map style uses fill-image team enhancement normal Core mappaint
#17108 Should not warn about unclosed way with natural=tree team defect normal Core validator
#17110 [PATCH] Fix billboard preset team enhancement normal Internal preset
#17112 IAE: Unknown MapCSS base selector team defect normal Core
#17115 [PATCH] update crane preset team enhancement normal Internal preset
#17116 Missing translation for "No tile at this zoom level" team defect normal Core imagery
#17117 New popular tags: historic=heritage, water_source=main team enhancement normal Internal preset
#17119 [Patch] Improve rendering time of partly visible complex shapes team enhancement normal Core mappaint
#17120 [RFC][PATCH] Include shop=gas in the presets team enhancement normal Internal preset
#17130 Complain about area:highway on open ways and nodes team enhancement normal Core validator
#17149 Preset for hydrant breaks with conventions team defect normal Internal preset
#17054 slippy map in the download dialogue should not default to the non-standard imagery provider "Mapnik" Don-vip enhancement minor Core
#17069 concurrent.ExecutionException: [powershell, ... team defect minor Core
#17088 False positive test "Missing name:* translation" team defect minor Core validator tested
#17145 [Patch] fix tests warnings on ImageDataTest team defect minor Unit tests
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