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#16462 NPE trying to undo 'create multipolygon' team defect major Core mappaint
#16466 NPE purging data from a layer team defect major Core mappaint
#16467 NPE after combining 2 Ways and attempting to upload team defect major Core tested
#14103 GPX→OSM: convert additional tags for trackpoints team enhancement normal Core
#16010 Tests: use JMockit to enable more extensive test coverage team enhancement normal Unit tests
#16388 RelationEditor#registerRelationEditor not used? michael2402 defect normal Core
#16453 Support other keyboard layouts than QWERTY/AZERTY for ReorderImageryLayers action Don-vip enhancement normal Core imagery
#16458 False positives with roles guidepost and information in hiking routes team defect normal Internal preset latest
#16459 It is impossible to delete path with 0 nodes team defect normal Core latest
#16464 Complain about internet_access:fee combined with internet_access=no team enhancement normal Core validator
#16489 NPE at RightAndLefthandTraffic.isRightHandTraffic team defect normal Core mappaint
#16490 add man_made=dyke Klumbumbus enhancement normal Internal preset
#16491 NPE at Territories.isIso3166Code team defect normal Core mappaint
#16495 MapCss Validation lost tag on misconstructed fixAdd team defect normal Core validator
#16499 Support GDPR-compliant OSM extracts team enhancement normal Core tested
#16501 NPE at OsmDataLayer.paint (java.awt.TexturePaint.<init>) team defect normal Core mappaint
#16509 Order of relation members not preserved team defect normal Core tested
#16528 golf=bunker create warning by using node team enhancement normal Core validator
#16471 Add .nmea filter team enhancement minor Core image mapping
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