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#8993 update the recycling preset team enhancement normal fixed
#9208 add building=supermarket to presets, consider building=supermarket as a building team enhancement normal fixed
#11391 [PATCH] correction - underlying tagging changed for amenity=sanitary_dump_station team enhancement normal fixed
#11420 Adding ways with (railway=platform + public_transport=platform) to PT relation does not set role platform team defect normal tested fixed
#11433 Better support for cuisine=* team enhancement normal latest fixed
#11439 Presets Hockey team enhancement normal fixed
#11443 Relation:waterway >> wrong link and missing tags team enhancement normal latest fixed
#11450 Split common strings (like "Water") for translation team defect normal fixed
#11471 add billiards preset team enhancement normal tested fixed
#11478 [PATCH] Add rooms=* and beds=* to tourism=hotel, motel, guest_house, chalet, hostel, alpine_hut team enhancement normal latest fixed
#11339 [PATCH] Add "storage_tank" preset (100,000 uses in database) team enhancement minor fixed
#11347 [PATCH] Add Marine Fuel Station Preset (for Marinas and Harbors). team enhancement minor fixed
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