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#9607 defaultpreset: do not link image files, but include them in the *.jar file team defect major fixed
#9545 Version tag for public transport relations team enhancement normal fixed
#9586 Add route relations to presets team enhancement normal fixed
#9690 re-think commit 6824 (removing individual "Edit X" strings) team defect normal fixed
#9723 Add presets for bookmaker and lottery team enhancement normal fixed
#9725 Validator reports unknown "relation type" for valid route types team enhancement normal latest fixed
#9753 incorrect warning: member with role "stop" does not match "railway=halt" team defect normal latest fixed
#9627 Separate word "Tracks" for correct translation team enhancement minor tested fixed
#9629 Separate word "Orthodox" for proper translation team enhancement minor tested fixed
#9706 separate context for "mounted on" values of surveilance camera team defect trivial latest fixed
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