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#13082 [RFC][PATCH] Warning for relations with only one member team enhancement normal fixed
#17026 [Patch] Validator should not complain about reg_name without name team enhancement normal fixed
#19163 [Patch] Updates for tests on units team enhancement normal fixed
#19312 detect circular dependencies in relations GerdP enhancement normal fixed
#19337 leisure=track warns in unclosed ways conected to closed tracks -leisure-track too- team defect normal fixed
#19380 Unclear "Role verification problem - Role 'route' is not in templates '///guidepost' (1)" team defect normal fixed
#19393 Warn when addr:interpolation way has end nodes without addr:housenumber team enhancement normal fixed
#19395 vadilation: false positive name=Casa (french brand name) team defect normal latest fixed
#19396 warn about stream=intermittent team enhancement normal fixed
#19409 Don't warn about descriptive name Kiosk in the Netherlands team defect normal fixed
#19455 Validation issue: sport=curling team defect normal fixed
#19410 Confusing warning: cycleway used with cycleway=lane team defect minor tested fixed
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