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#11232 Validator should complain about "highway=*; construction=yes" team enhancement normal fixed
#17936 Validation of opening hours with PH and SH not possible simon04 defect normal fixed
#18103 TypeError: Cannot read property "0" from undefined team defect normal fixed
#18577 [Patch] Update opening_hours.js simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#18642 Core validator: "uncommon short key" is a correct, "de facto" key ("to" and "from") team defect normal fixed
#13145 Mixed languages in opening_hours validation team defect minor fixed
#18699 Spelling and Specification request: "Automatically obtain source from current layers" team enhancement trivial fixed
#18761 Obtain source from current layers: "gpx" does not - always - imply "survey" Don-vip enhancement trivial fixed
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