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#17643 recommend migrating from barrier=embankment to man_made=embankment team enhancement normal fixed
#18293 JOSM complains about crossing features although level tags are present Don-vip defect normal tested fixed
#18294 Nodes AND ways tagged "railway=platform" should not be "Way end node near other way" Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18297 Invalidate natural=water with no other tags Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#18299 Noexit on railway is not honoured in "way end node near other way" test Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18324 Validation role «hail_and_ride» on PT routes team defect normal fixed
#18331 Validator: do not complain about missing segregated if bicycle=dismount team defect normal tested fixed
#18334 Validator error for manhole=plain team enhancement normal fixed
#18360 validator : wikipedia language code are not up to date Don-vip defect normal fixed
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