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#14253 Highlight affected relation members in validation warnings Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#14424 Check that validation autofix works as expected Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#17837 [Patch] Using the ignore option on certain validation items does not work team defect normal fixed
#18127 [WIP PATCH] Catch impossible angles in highways team enhancement normal fixed
#18183 foot=use_sidepath on a cycleway, validation problem, segregated Klumbumbus enhancement normal tested fixed
#18185 oneway=reversible and lanes=3 validator false positive team defect normal fixed
#18196 Invalid string translation in combinations.mapcss Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18203 warn about construction=primary|secondary|... without highway=construction team enhancement normal fixed
#18219 Silence complaints about role sub_station/substation/line and stop complaining about missing empty role in route=power team defect normal fixed
#18223 [Patch] Problem with ignoring validator rules when more than one object is involved team defect normal latest fixed
#18228 Test 'Unconnected highways' is very slow when long barrier is involved team enhancement normal fixed
#18232 remove Test.compareTo() and more team enhancement normal fixed
#18233 Unknown property value: cable_barrier team defect normal latest fixed
#18246 complain about highway=construction without construction tag team enhancement normal fixed
#18251 Add validator auto-fix to replace URL-encoded characters and underscores in wikipedia:lang=* tags team enhancement normal fixed
#16334 Do not require ditch'es to be connected, have starting or endpoints team defect minor fixed
#18247 highway=footway ending with highway=elevator should not be "Way end node near other highway" to construction=primary Don-vip defect minor fixed
#18272 [Patch] Stop creating validator folder team defect minor latest fixed
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