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#10391 Add support for "not element of" operator (⊈) team enhancement major fixed
#12627 Should not display multiple warnings when the affected elements are the same team enhancement normal fixed
#14287 Not capturing all elements when using ∈ team defect normal fixed
#14289 Some issues with crossing operator ⧉ team defect normal fixed
#17623 Complain about junction=yes with highway=* team enhancement normal fixed
#17633 complain about even more descriptive names and propose to delete them [PATCH] team enhancement normal fixed
#17644 Power=plant and generator:*= should not be on same element team enhancement normal fixed
#17667 Allow arrows used in public transport route names Don-vip defect normal fixed
#17674 Validator marks adresses from different suburbs as duplicate team defect normal fixed
#17684 Confusing error message for wikipedia tag GerdP enhancement normal fixed
#17691 [PATCH] Fix issue where SimilarNamedWay crashes on a subset of names team defect normal fixed
#17695 Building inside building doesn't find all cases team defect normal fixed
#17709 Conditonal restriction validator - false positive errors team defect normal tested fixed
#17727 allow lines for natural=bay Klumbumbus enhancement normal fixed
#17765 [Patch] Move code for error "Area style way is not closed" to UnclosedWays team enhancement normal fixed
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