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#16978 [Patch] Validation: ignoring "Crossing ways" group will actually ignore all"crossing XXX" groups silently too GerdP defect normal latest fixed
#17035 Validator: Improve progress monitor GerdP enhancement normal fixed
#17036 "Way terminates on Area" validator warning should not be raised for ways that are explicitly tagged as ending on area team defect normal fixed
#17041 [Patch] Validation isn't picking up a two node way that doubles back on itself (possibly only when it's an outer way in a multipolygon) GerdP defect normal fixed
#17053 MapCss stop loading rule on unknown instruction Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#17058 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with inside() selector Don-vip defect normal fixed
#17085 Validator geometry.mapcss team defect normal fixed
#17108 Should not warn about unclosed way with natural=tree team defect normal fixed
#17130 Complain about area:highway on open ways and nodes team enhancement normal fixed
#17088 False positive test "Missing name:* translation" team defect minor tested fixed
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