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#9182 checks for layer=-1 on waterways team enhancement normal fixed
#10717 Validator should give error for incorrect natural=coastline team enhancement normal latest fixed
#12864 misleading warning for some routes without network Klumbumbus defect normal tested fixed
#12867 Take into account building=transformer_tower when validating power lines supports team enhancement normal tested fixed
#12916 Islet size computed wrong team defect normal fixed
#12920 Wrong validator warning on shop=organic tag team defect normal latest fixed
#12940 Should not warn "amenity node connected to a highway" with amenity=ferry_terminal team defect normal fixed
#12942 Allow oneway=yes in route relations team defect normal tested fixed
#12948 Validator complain about unknown values for capacity team defect normal latest fixed
#12961 natural=* not always area Klumbumbus defect normal fixed
#12992 Way with waterway=dam cause false validator warning team defect normal latest fixed
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