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#12376 Multipolygon test hangs team defect major latest fixed
#7099 Detecting the correct traffic flow at roundabouts team enhancement normal fixed
#11270 Test for missing/wrong railway=crossing|level_crossing team enhancement normal fixed
#12276 Add deprecated tags to validator (2) team enhancement normal fixed
#12314 Validator fix fails on deleting relation team defect normal fixed
#12325 Don't warn "highway link is not linked to adequate highway/link" for highways outside the download area team enhancement normal fixed
#12328 Wrong "incomplete usage of destination" warning in roundabouts team defect normal fixed
#12329 Losing valid values when autofixing in some tests team defect normal fixed
#12340 support traffic_sign=countrycode:signcode in addition to traffic_sign=maxspeed in maxspeed on node validator test team defect normal fixed
#12377 validator does not detect intersecting rings in multipolygon team defect normal latest fixed
#12386 Power validation rules update team enhancement normal tested fixed
#12402 Wrong autofix with motor_vehicle=yes and access=no team defect normal fixed
#12404 add suggestAlternative to validator rules with autofix team enhancement normal fixed
#12422 remove lit on suspicious object warning team enhancement normal fixed
#12430 man_made=crane on a way causes validator warning team defect normal tested fixed
#12431 Add amenity=swimming_pool to validator team enhancement normal latest fixed
#12436 Must not remove empty nodes outside the downloaded area team defect normal fixed
#12464 Regression: Validator did not longer warn about nodes without tags team defect normal latest fixed
#12490 disable validator warning for `maxheight=default|none` Klumbumbus defect normal fixed
#12494 warn about keys ending with a number team enhancement normal fixed
#12496 Verify properly tagged islands and islets team enhancement normal fixed
#12499 Detect and fix names with multiple spaces team enhancement normal fixed
#12502 Warn about using leisure=park on nodes team enhancement normal latest fixed
#12541 Warnings if using Style "Adress Tags Validator" team defect normal fixed
#12549 Regex fails with accented letters team defect normal fixed
#12557 wrong validator message: URL contains an invalid authority Don-vip defect normal tested fixed
#12418 No warning with sportshops team defect minor tested fixed
#12487 Validator: tag "incline=xxx" could be used on "aeroway=runway" team defect minor fixed
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