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#11389 [Patch] Check for maxspeed in combination with maxspeed:forward/backward Basstoelpel enhancement normal latest fixed
#11491 Remove "place together with addr:*" for places with only addr:postcode team enhancement normal latest fixed
#11529 [Patch]Check for maxweight in combination with maxweight:forward/backward windu.2b enhancement normal fixed
#11755 Update to new version of opening_hours.js. simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#11774 [Patch] Warn about obvious misspelled tag keys team enhancement normal latest fixed
#11790 [Patch] Lookup test errors for selected primitives simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#11822 Road route relation validator complain about ferry team defect normal fixed
#11837 Advanced key:layer checking in the validator Klumbumbus enhancement normal fixed
#11846 Ignoring "Whole group" for MapCSS Validator test "street name contains ss" is not persistent. team defect normal latest fixed
#11850 highway=motorway|motorway_link without oneway needs update team enhancement normal fixed
#11862 Validator complains about noname=yes, but at the same time the key is used in MapCSS tests. team defect normal latest fixed
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