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#10278 Broken media queries support team enhancement normal fixed
#11246 add warning for way direction change of `man_made_embankment` and `embankment=yes` team defect normal fixed
#11297 Validator should ignore artist_name for "alternative name without name" check Klumbumbus enhancement normal latest fixed
#11394 Warning "sport without physical feature" if club=sport ist present team defect normal fixed
#11396 false positive duplicated ways test team defect normal fixed
#11405 warn about potentially erroneous movement of nodes team enhancement normal latest fixed
#11415 Wrong warning about unclosed way team defect normal fixed
#11484 Should group "missing name" validation results team enhancement normal fixed
#11489 Don't provide warning on traffic_calming=* and maxspeed=* team defect normal fixed
#11493 Wrong warning by validation of roundabouts team defect normal latest fixed
#11498 [Patch] Warn about obvious misspelled tag values team enhancement normal latest fixed
#11503 Wrong validator ERROR: The 'from' way does not start or end at a 'via' node. team defect normal tested fixed
#11513 {1.key} not working in fixChangeKey team defect normal fixed
#11539 Alternative name without name warning in irrelevant cases team defect normal tested fixed
#11567 Exception when running validator team defect normal fixed
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