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#9242 confusing "A name:* translation is missing" team defect normal fixed
#9782 Display key name when using regex team defect normal fixed
#10329 give warning for color=* team enhancement normal fixed
#10859 validator warning incomplete team defect normal fixed
#10913 Sequential execution of fix* commands in validator rules team defect normal fixed
#11172 highway=rest_area get's treated like a road in error checking team defect normal fixed
#11234 Validator should warn when key is # or + team enhancement normal tested fixed
#11283 highway=unsurfaced wrong fix team defect normal latest fixed
#11329 Discourage oneway=-1 team enhancement normal fixed
#11330 add validator warning for short keys team enhancement normal fixed
#11337 Please update to new release of opening_hours validator team enhancement normal fixed
#11346 Add areasize and waylength team enhancement normal fixed
#11360 opening_hours validator can not fix all warnings by itself. team defect normal latest fixed
#11370 "area" is not supported in validator asserts team defect normal tested fixed
#11371 Should not warn highway=* crossing highway=services|rest_area team enhancement normal fixed
#11344 tower=air_to_ground and pole=air_to_ground not recognized by validation team enhancement minor tested fixed
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