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#10655 WayConnectedToArea should not warn on slipway team defect normal fixed
#10661 Warn about barrier=yes Klumbumbus enhancement normal fixed
#10662 Do not warn about unclosed ways with leisure=slipway team defect normal fixed
#10693 [PATCH] Places with a 'place_name' and no 'name' should use 'name' instead team enhancement normal fixed
#10696 [PATCH] Provide a fix for website's with no scheme team enhancement normal fixed
#10710 No zipfile support for custom validator rules Don-vip defect normal fixed
#10735 Datenprüfung auf key=groyne fehlerhaft Klumbumbus defect normal tested fixed
#10754 YA bogus "lit on suspicious object" team defect normal fixed
#10804 parking=* without amenity=parking team enhancement normal latest fixed
#10806 MapCSS doesn't support boundary matchers team enhancement normal fixed
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