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#8422 Role checks in Public Traffic Relations team defect normal fixed
#9593 Detect sports without physical features team enhancement normal fixed
#9598 Bogus "Areas share segment" warning by validator team defect normal fixed
#9614 Verify for unneeded area=yes [validator rule included] team enhancement normal fixed
#9631 Validate population key team enhancement normal fixed
#9650 Validate building=no team enhancement normal fixed
#9651 Validade landuse=* on nodes team enhancement normal fixed
#9668 Sort entries in "House number without street" team enhancement normal fixed
#9685 Incomplete test for "house number without street" Don-vip defect normal fixed
#9686 Validator "major road used with foot" produces false positives simon04 defect normal fixed
#9695 amenity=* area sharing segment with barrier=* should not raise "Ways share segment with area" team defect normal fixed
#9731 Crash on running validator for large files (147 MB) Don-vip defect normal fixed
#9748 bogus "area is unnecessary for amenity" (includes automatic fix performing unwanted and wrong action) team defect normal fixed
#9754 Validator: "snowplowing without highway" is too strict team defect normal tested fixed
#9736 Parkway 'abbreviated street name' checks missing (tagchecker) team defect minor latest fixed
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