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#9907 When using remote control on download also note(s) if URL contains "/note/123456" or "&layers=N" ToeBee enhancement normal fixed
#10864 text overflow of note ToeBee defect normal fixed
#10868 provide a gui setting for `osm.notes.daysClosed` (was: download also recently closed notes) ToeBee enhancement normal fixed
#10980 Note download does not update already downloded notes ToeBee defect normal fixed
#11321 add hint in the Notes Dialog, where to download Notes (was: Josm zeigt Notes nicht an) ToeBee enhancement normal latest fixed
#11326 Cancel Note creation ToeBee defect normal fixed
#11350 Notes input: avoid line break within a word ToeBee enhancement normal fixed
#10866 "Download area too large" warning apparently not adjusted to notes density ToeBee enhancement minor latest fixed
#10867 notes are download with a limit of 1000 without telling the user about reaching this limit ToeBee defect minor latest fixed
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