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#12964 NPE when creating imagery layer team defect blocker latest fixed
#12965 NPE in AbstractTileSourceLayer.estimateMemoryUsage wiktorn defect blocker fixed
#12995 NPE after activating a WMS imagery source team defect critical latest fixed
#12979 Error while opening an WMS layer dido defect major fixed
#13024 NPE at loading new WMS layer team defect major latest fixed
#13058 Impossible to close JOSM main window - The painter for layer OsmDataLayer was not registered slodki defect major latest fixed
#12907 Add satellite image of Cotonou (Benin) team enhancement normal fixed
#12909 negative position Exception team defect normal fixed
#12982 The current Geodatastyrelsen TMS-proxy will stop soon team enhancement normal fixed
#12986 Loading of background imagery results in IllegalArgumentException osmTOGA defect normal duplicate
#12998 regression: zoom snap to background image is no more automatic active team defect normal fixed
#13115 josm wms get layers causes NullPointerException team defect normal fixed
#12971 Setting WMS Simultaneous connections to 1 makes JOSM unusable wiktorn defect minor tested fixed
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