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#19485 Crash while combining two opposing roads team defect critical latest fixed
#19432 Split way: AIOOB: Problem with member check with duplicate members GerdP defect major latest fixed
#19598 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive cannot be modified in read-only dataset team defect major fixed
#13173 Mouse pointer target offset team defect normal fixed
#19241 Why does "JOSM Validator" is a data source on upload? team defect normal fixed
#19451 Update data: Do not download incomplete ways GerdP defect normal latest fixed
#19476 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException team defect normal fixed
#19489 NPE at ComboMultiSelect.getItemToSelect with default="" in multiselect team defect normal fixed
#19496 some multipolygon icons are missing in object lists team defect normal fixed
#19508 [PATCH] Don't suggest to change incline=0% to -0% when reversing or combining ways team defect normal fixed
#19514 IllegalStateException if double clicking with CTRL on items in the Command Stack Dialog team defect normal latest fixed
#19551 [PATCH] Crash when Name Suggestion Index is enabled team defect normal fixed
#19556 bug reported. after cleaning up all activities GerdP defect normal fixed
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