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#19392 Presets opened from relation editor need to pass selection to preset_link team defect critical latest fixed
#12303 [Patch] When downloading objects with Overpass API, use recurse up to fetch referrers simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#14228 [RFC Patch] Order the members when creating boundaries and multipolygons team enhancement normal fixed
#14701 [Patch] Copying relations needs Yes/No confirmation simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#16031 [PATCH] use_last_as_default="true" doesn't work as it supposed to team defect normal latest fixed
#16255 [Patch] Possibility to edit roles in relations from the tag/membership window simon04 enhancement normal tested fixed
#17688 add "restore tag" to History key/value menu team enhancement normal latest fixed
#18258 [RFC PATCH] Allow end user to know what the original id of a feature was team enhancement normal fixed
#18586 Invert selection team enhancement normal fixed
#18801 [PATCH RFC] Allow layers to determine autosave functionality team enhancement normal fixed
#19026 [PATCH] The imagery preferences code should be more generic team enhancement normal fixed
#19056 [PATCH] Add method for simpler SequenceCommands team enhancement normal fixed
#19138 [Patch] Warn when you try to delete a node which is part of a way which is hidden by a filter GerdP defect normal fixed
#19286 [PATCH] External entities are resolved when parsing tagging presets team defect normal fixed
#19299 java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap$Node cannot be cast to java.util.HashMap$TreeNode team defect normal tested fixed
#19310 [PATCH] DownloadDialog should have a method to add/remove listeners for changing download selections team enhancement normal fixed
#19320 add link to team enhancement normal fixed
#19321 [Patch] entries in comboboxes are sometimes cut off simon04 defect normal fixed
#19330 History browser: Add semantic check to select in table instead of the whole row the same object on both sides. team enhancement normal latest fixed
#19334 [PATCH] Upgrade to error_prone 2.4.0 team defect normal fixed
#19335 Exceptions after update to JOSM 16538 team defect normal tested fixed
#19343 Report commands involving way/node when reporting DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced team enhancement normal fixed
#19346 Automatically select newly created multipolygons GerdP enhancement normal fixed
#19354 UndoRedoHandler.getUndoCommands: return unmodifiable list team enhancement normal fixed
#19355 NPE at org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.dialogs.relation.ReferringRelationsBrowserModel.canReload() GerdP defect normal fixed
#19356 Deduplicate ImageryBounds simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#19366 [PATCH] Add filter box for Color Preferences team enhancement normal fixed
#19367 History browser: do not reset UI after (re)loading of history simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#19369 Improve TaginfoAction simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#19374 Relation editor: Option to hide tagging preset links team enhancement normal fixed
#19376 Offer an option to disable the right-click menu team enhancement normal fixed
#19381 Warn users about making changesets with unreasonably large bounding boxes team enhancement normal fixed
#19397 JosmDecimalFormatSymbolsProvider is not used for locale en_IE or de_AT simon04 defect normal fixed
#19406 InspectPrimitiveDialog: display length and area simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#19407 [RFC PATCH] Catch throwable in sequence command and add more data team enhancement normal fixed
#19417 NoSuchMethodError: Don-vip defect normal fixed
#19422 TMS image source accessed with incorrect min & max arguments simon04 defect normal fixed
#17266 [Patch RFC] "Download along" does not increment status popup team defect minor tested fixed
#19058 Corrupt line "imagery.entries" in status report team defect minor tested fixed
#19240 NPE in MultipolygonCache.clear team defect minor fixed
#19282 [PATCH] Add documentation from wiki to Presets XSD team enhancement minor fixed
#19357 MapPaintStylesUpdateListener: fix typo simon04 enhancement minor fixed
#19391 Unable to set SPI locale provider: null simon04 defect minor fixed
#19349 Swaziland changed name to Eswatini team enhancement trivial fixed
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