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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#18798 NPE at GeoPropertyIndex$GPLevel.isInside - while adding a tag team defect blocker fixed
#18833 JOSM fails to start: NoClassDefFoundError: ch/poole/openinghoursparser team defect blocker fixed
#18858 data/projection/custom-epsg file is not included in local jar Don-vip defect critical latest fixed
#18884 ConcurrentModificationException in ImageResource.getPaddedIcon simon04 defect critical latest fixed
#18845 reorganization of data(_nodist), images(_nodist), styles(_nodist), IDE and native files in a more practical file tree team enhancement major fixed
#18856 arabic language team enhancement major fixed
#18871 Performance issues after updating team defect major fixed
#18954 presets: columns="" and rows="" not working anymore simon04 defect major latest fixed
#9923 Problems with width of validator upload warning window team defect normal latest fixed
#16420 [PATCH] Introduce Apache IVY for dependency management wiktorn enhancement normal fixed
#18140 Switch to OpeningHoursParser simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#18692 Show Duplicate relation in context menu simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#18744 "Join Overlapping Areas" shows confusing dialogs when merging inner and outer ways of a multipolygon team defect normal fixed
#18769 [Patch RFC] Each time I open JOSM, the right pane gets slightly wider team defect normal fixed
#18770 Loading open data causes an error message Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18802 MapCSS: refactor/simplify/improve simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#18806 Setting option disappears after change team defect normal fixed
#18812 JOSM sends invalid HTTP Accept headers simon04 defect normal fixed
#18818 "Download from OSM along selected ways" disallows value < 10 [meters] team defect normal fixed
#18821 Improve translationability of taginfo string team enhancement normal fixed
#18832 logo.svg for elemstyles.mapcss icon wastes 4MB on the heap simon04 defect normal fixed
#18835 unexpected full recursive download of children relations makes some edits impossible GerdP defect normal fixed
#18864 TaggingPreset: refactor/simplify/improve simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#18867 Presets: combo does not show <DIFFERENT> team defect normal fixed
#18878 JOSM leaves behind josm_exec_ temp files simon04 defect normal fixed
#18880 Fix Netbeans configuration and update/improve Developers Guide Compiling using Netbeans team task normal fixed
#18885 AdvancedChangesetQueryPanel: select checkbox/radio-button when clicking its label simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#18886 OsmReader: refactor/simplify/improve simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#18896 ImageryInfo: refactor/simplify/improve simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#18909 [PATCH] UniqueIdGenerator.generateUniqueId() should be public Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#18919 Allow sorting of table content in changeset manager to facilitate finding related rows Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#18926 RFC: Drop last-check from maps.xsd and maps team defect normal fixed
#18928 JOSM crashes when data contains way without nodes Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18941 [Patch] Public transport stop position icons do not show PT type icon in lists simon04 defect normal latest fixed
#18948 Get rid of Google Guava in tests simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#18953 selecting line, its end nodes and pressing Q throws an error Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18962 Introduce DataSet.update Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#18979 Improve display of PrimitiveIds team enhancement normal fixed
#18982 Download Location with history should catch ResponseCode 404 team defect normal fixed
#18984 NPE at TagEditHelper.addTag Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18990 Unable to Join Node To Way when way is the same one that the node belongs to GerdP defect normal fixed
#18993 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive cannot be modified in read-only dataset: duplicating a locked data layer Don-vip defect normal fixed
#15931 Add a preference to use external browser instead of the Help Browser team enhancement minor fixed
#18619 [Patch] Upload dialog: add border, reorder summary simon04 enhancement minor fixed
#18643 Improve i18n strings with undistinguished singular/plural form team enhancement minor fixed
#18752 Remove i18n from debug logging strings? team enhancement minor fixed
#18853 [PATCH] Close OsmWriter after writing XML output streams (Sonar) team defect minor fixed
#18869 [Patch] Wrong help topic in DownloadAlongWayAction team defect minor latest fixed
#18870 [Patch] Suppress multiple requests dialog for only one server request in DownloadAlong team enhancement minor fixed
#18918 pressing CTRL+H in changeset manager does not trigger history Don-vip enhancement minor fixed
#18943 Download along dialogues miss caption for data types Don-vip enhancement minor fixed
#18768 [Patch] Windows menu needs an own help topic team defect trivial fixed
#18852 [PATCH] GpxReader nullability detection (Sonar) team enhancement trivial fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#16860 Resolve all dependencies and tools using Apache Ivy team enhancement normal
#18596 [PATCH] Fix relation ordering after split-way team defect normal latest
#18863 split ways: false positive warnings about missing members team defect normal latest
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