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#18511 [Patch] StackOverflowError at GpxExtension.hashCode team defect critical fixed
#11914 [Patch] OSM username in titlebar team enhancement normal fixed
#13813 Provide bbox coordinates in an easier to use format team enhancement normal fixed
#14197 Option to filter/sort by modified values in advanced preferences team enhancement normal fixed
#15628 Support HTML code in GPX descriptions team enhancement normal fixed
#17496 AutoFilter: infer sensible default values for layer team enhancement normal fixed
#17639 relation-editor: invert color of icons when line is selected team enhancement normal tested fixed
#17654 [Patch] Notify users of viewport following activation team enhancement normal latest fixed
#18020 Should not show way directions for some kind of relations team enhancement normal fixed
#18026 Relation member conflict: render decision as radio buttons instead of drop menus team enhancement normal fixed
#18083 Combine way: No warning about data outside of download area team defect normal latest fixed
#18388 [GNU/Linux] JOSM does not respect LC_MEASUREMENT locale variable Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18477 Split Way: smart way selection for highway/railway/waterway team enhancement normal fixed
#18494 [RFC PATCH] GPX layers should use the name from the file instead of `Downloaded GPX Data` whenever possible team enhancement normal fixed
#18503 Show continuity line next to sub route relations members of route relations team enhancement normal fixed
#18504 [PATCH] Tasking Manager 4 is changing the `gpx` url team enhancement normal fixed
#18509 [Patch] Display colors in layer manager team enhancement normal fixed
#18514 hide all changeset action and dialog in "normal" view mode skyper enhancement normal fixed
#18523 [PATCH] Upload dialog no longer displays number of changes in changeset after second upload Don-vip defect normal tested fixed
#18530 upload dialog: support validator and notes layers as source tag team enhancement normal fixed
#18538 NoSuchElementException at HttpsURLConnectionImpl.connect Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18545 NPE at ReferringRelationsBrowser$1.mouseClicked team defect normal fixed
#18561 [PATCH] Geometry.filterInsidePolygon should take a `Collection` instead of a `List` and there should be a generic version that takes multipolygons or polygons team enhancement normal fixed
#18583 UnsatisfiedLinkError: sun.nio.fs.LinuxWatchService.inotifyInit Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18608 Command line output unreadable on Windows Don-vip defect normal latest fixed
#18623 Zoom is too close when downloading a single node team defect normal fixed
#18632 internal help browser: svg icons/images not supported Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18646 relation manager: selection doubled up switching active layers Don-vip defect normal latest fixed
#18653 Update EU boundaries after Brexit Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#15334 [Patch] Use BasicArrowButton in MapFrame team enhancement minor fixed
#18510 Add icons to move up/down/left/right actions to save horizontal space in toolbar Don-vip enhancement minor tested fixed
#18567 [patch] proper help context for Query Changeset Dialog team defect minor fixed
#18598 CopyKeyValueAction: count values going to be copied simon04 enhancement minor fixed
#5794 Fine tune position of the four coordinate boxes in the download->bounding box dialogue team enhancement trivial fixed
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