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#16796 [PATCH] GPX track colors / layer preferences Bjoeni enhancement major fixed
#18277 [RFC PATCH] Allow plugins to implement Destroyable if they want to allow restartless updates/removals team enhancement normal fixed
#18284 Add name:sr-Latn (Serbian name in Latin alphabet) to recognised language codes Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#18285 Add Marathi language team enhancement normal fixed
#18296 upload selection not enabled Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18355 JOSM settings: does not remember language Don-vip defect normal latest fixed
#18358 [PATCH] DownloadDialog should allow plugins the ability to remove a download source they added team enhancement normal fixed
#18362 URISyntaxException at OpenBrowser.displayUrl Don-vip defect normal fixed
#18326 Interpret html text in overpass query assistant Don-vip defect minor fixed
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