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#15030 IAE: Relation is already deleted team defect major fixed
#16904 DataIntegrityProblemException (ImproveWayAccuracyAction.drawIntersectingWayHelperLines) Don-vip defect normal fixed
#17501 [PATCH] Detect if a oneway in a relation may be going in the wrong direction team enhancement normal fixed
#17526 [Patch] Search action dialog: New tooltip and more translations team enhancement normal fixed
#17616 Add new functions to to find distances between primitives team enhancement normal fixed
#17668 uses TLS certificate not supported by JOSM yet Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#17679 Translation scripts fail to parse XML CDATA stoecker defect normal fixed
#17698 don't merge single checks into a checkgroup team defect normal fixed
#17718 [PATCH] Make it easier to add specially treated relations to SplitWayCommand team enhancement normal fixed
#17722 Blocked user on does not receive notification, JOSM throws stack trace instead team defect normal latest fixed
#17723 NoClassDefFoundError: javax/script/ScriptEngineFactory team defect normal fixed
#17724 [PATCH] Allow DataSet merges without merging the Bounds team enhancement normal fixed
#17729 IAE: multipolygon.isMultipolygon at ContainsFinder.execGeometryTests team defect normal fixed
#17740 [PATCH] NPE in TagEditHelper team defect normal fixed
#17745 Unexpected result from element of (∉) with unclosed ways team defect normal fixed
#17746 [Patch] Detect invalid MapCSS search expressions GerdP enhancement normal fixed
#17754 [Patch] Search dialog input field doesn't react on changes in radio buttons GerdP defect normal fixed
#17759 svn update warning: W205011 for 'src\org\apache\commons\logging' team defect normal fixed
#17767 Action "Update multipolygon" may change route relation to multipolygon GerdP defect normal fixed
#17769 Test for upcomming Let's Encrypt certificate switch on 2019-07-08 team task normal fixed
#17774 View map projections team defect normal tested fixed
#17419 [Patch] Own labels for Select mode and Zoom mode buttons team enhancement minor latest fixed
#17678 selected element should be lime-green directly after add to relation team defect minor tested fixed
#17680 Suspicious code in Geometry.addIntersections() team defect minor fixed
#17682 Capital D in Add node dialog Don-vip defect minor fixed
#17699 Discrepancy between Filter text caption and working Search string team defect minor fixed
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