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#7481 Merging does not find conflicts and breaks routing or leaves unconnected nodes team defect critical latest fixed
#13492 Fix errors is very slow team enhancement normal fixed
#16498 Add compatibility with Java 12 team enhancement normal fixed
#17291 [Patch] improve handling of return code 404 in multifetch api team enhancement normal fixed
#17333 [Patch] Show last used tags in Add Tag Dialog GerdP enhancement normal fixed
#17354 relation panel dont shows all relations in revert sometimes Upliner defect normal tested fixed
#17414 Wrong translations for fire hydrants Hb--- defect normal fixed
#17427 HTML in imagery tooltips team defect normal latest fixed
#17435 NPE at GpxData.combineTracksToSegmentedTrack team defect normal fixed
#17440 Confusing code team enhancement normal fixed
#17443 GPX layer: Download from OSM along this track is slow team enhancement normal fixed
#17448 [patch] Same buttons in Upload Selection as in other upload dialogs team enhancement normal fixed
#17469 Validator: add shortcut to zoom/move to next issue team enhancement normal fixed
#17477 AIOOBE at FilterDialog$UserTable$UserTableHeader.getToolTipText team defect normal fixed
#17487 NPE at ToggleDialog.dock when closing Mapillary Window team defect normal latest fixed
#17506 [Patch] Display languages in alphabetical order team enhancement normal fixed
#17522 [PATCH] Crash when adding a new filter Don-vip defect normal fixed
#17544 support optional `browse/` in osm url at open location [half patch] team enhancement normal fixed
#17457 Drop data depended tool tip from SelectedMembersForSelectionAction team enhancement minor fixed
#17512 Add osmarender:nameDirection to automatically discarded tags team enhancement minor fixed
#17531 [PATCH] Update .classpath for eclipse team enhancement minor fixed
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