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#16666 ClassNotFoundException: org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper team defect major fixed
#16739 Just tried to save my few edits Don-vip defect major fixed
#15696 DMSCoordinateFormat using ',' instead of '.' in German or Portuguese team defect normal fixed
#16047 Add compatibility with Java 11 team enhancement normal fixed
#16510 [Patch] Ctrl + A (Select all) is slow team enhancement normal fixed
#16575 deleted-on-server attribute is lost when saving to a file Don-vip defect normal tested fixed
#16660 AIOOBE at MenuScroller.computeScrollCount team defect normal latest fixed
#16682 New plugin features to support JavaFX 11 team enhancement normal fixed
#16687 Display tag languages in italic team enhancement normal fixed
#16695 Should not ignore remarks from overpass team enhancement normal fixed
#16698 Slow performance in filters team enhancement normal fixed
#16702 Speed up OSM wiki help using MediaWiki API simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#16714 NPE at DuplicateRelationAction.updateEnabledState team defect normal fixed
#16723 Display change counts in changeset manager team enhancement normal fixed
#16725 numeric attributes of GPX waypoints are no longer exported team defect normal fixed
#16749 Checkbox disables wrong entry team defect normal latest fixed
#16762 OSC files from osmand only shows one note team defect normal tested fixed
#16778 Text filtering relations when 'restriction' relations present slows pan/zooms team defect normal fixed
#16781 [PATCH] Fix small typos team enhancement normal fixed
#16784 NPE at ChildRelationBrowser$1.mouseClicked team defect normal fixed
#16785 IOOBE at FilterModel.moveUpFilter team defect normal fixed
#16107 Language tags team enhancement minor fixed
#16730 non-reproducible crash when clicking a button in the settings menu team defect minor latest fixed
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