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#15332 IndexOutOfBoundsException in ConflictCollection.get() team defect major fixed
#15554 plugin(s) crashed on restart after updating team defect normal latest fixed
#15662 Can't load resource from plugin *.jar when JOSM_HOME is inside a directory ending with an exclamation mark team defect normal latest fixed
#15710 unify new layer checkbox text team enhancement normal fixed
#15740 Layers don't move up/down correctly if multiple layers are selected team defect normal fixed
#15742 [PATCH] PluginHandler.installDownloadedPlugins: check downloaded plugin is valid *before* we delete any existing one team enhancement normal fixed
#15755 Unprocessed HTML in search error box team defect normal latest fixed
#15765 NPE at MoveAction.actionPerformed team defect normal latest fixed
#15766 Lag when drawing ways with many nodes team defect normal tested fixed
#15800 detect common issues in JOSM overpass queries, like overpass turbo team enhancement normal fixed
#15807 CCE: ChangesetModificationType cannot be cast to HistoryOsmPrimitive team defect normal fixed
#15816 Add .xz additional to .bz2 which gets replaced more and more by xz team enhancement normal fixed
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