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#15596 after updating tags on a few nodes, saved, then tried to upload team defect blocker latest fixed
#15535 Freeze on Java 9 when you attempt to move node along a line using Extrusion tool team defect critical tested fixed
#15547 Serious autocomplete performance degradation Don-vip defect major fixed
#6135 picture preview disappears when adjusting time team defect normal latest fixed
#8509 [Patch] Background uploading team enhancement normal latest fixed
#12641 visible=false attribute is lost when an object is merged into another layer team defect normal tested fixed
#13694 Display UTM zone and letter in object info panel team enhancement normal fixed
#13747 don't select tag adding dialog fields upon focus change team defect normal tested fixed
#13883 lat/lon numbers in the statusbar don't update when you move the map with the keyboard (ctrl + arrow keys) team defect normal fixed
#14082 Remove coordinates from nodes in validator and selection dialogs team enhancement normal fixed
#14101 Keystrokes in filters get captured as shortcuts team defect normal fixed
#15505 Update com.drew.metadata sourcecode to current GitHub code Don-vip enhancement normal fixed
#15519 NPE at MultipolygonCache.selectionChanged team defect normal fixed
#15531 Option to see the traffic between JOSM and OSM servers naoliv enhancement normal fixed
#15532 [PATCH] Use HTTPS to communicate with OSM dev servers team enhancement normal fixed
#15534 NPE on Opening the Changeset Manager from the history dialog Hb--- defect normal latest fixed
#15537 Changeset hashtags team enhancement normal fixed
#15538 Hitting L to align nodes in line not realizing there are only start and end nodes results in the bug report team defect normal tested fixed
#15552 Correlate with GPX - decimal separator bug team defect normal latest fixed
#15568 search menu items : add higlight for the selected item team defect normal latest fixed
#15571 Select Target Layer dropdown to small team defect normal fixed
#15573 ConcurrentModificationException at GpxData.length team defect normal fixed
#15585 Failed to copy simple closed path (Ctrl+C prompted the error) team defect normal fixed
#15586 Panning is broken team defect normal latest fixed
#5823 Object count is calculated wrong for decide show confirmation question after move or not team defect minor latest fixed
#11762 IllegalArgumentException: component not found in tabbed pane team defect minor fixed
#12626 Rename F3 search dialog and Shift+F3 dialog from "Presets" team enhancement minor tested fixed
#13153 Should not warn to upload/save "modified" layers with 0 objects team enhancement minor fixed
#15119 length of way not displayed in status bar without selection panel team defect minor fixed
#15572 Render layer contextual menu icons with the same size team enhancement minor fixed
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