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#12847 ExceptionInInitializerError in ElemStyles.generateStyles - NPE in NodeElement.createIcon team defect blocker fixed
#7302 Field showing name of object under cursor is often too short team enhancement normal fixed
#9795 Fetch from Overpass API using HTTPS team enhancement normal fixed
#12774 Exception in loading JOZ file pieren defect normal tested fixed
#12776 "Correlate to gpx" doesn't open GPX trace team defect normal latest fixed
#12813 GPX Tracks Displayed With Metric Units Regardless Of Preference team defect normal fixed
#12828 dialog changeset - contextual option "download modify content" Don-vip defect normal latest fixed
#12838 NPE in SaveLayersDialog team defect normal fixed
#12853 trackpoints loop team defect normal tested fixed
#12863 [Patch] LayerManager implementation michael2402 enhancement normal fixed
#12874 F11 gave me a dialog requesting I submit a bug report team defect normal fixed
#12877 [Patch] Enable @formatter:on team enhancement normal fixed
#12880 [Patch] Add instanceOf predicate and predicate tests. team enhancement normal fixed
#12881 [Patch] predicates usage in Utils team enhancement normal fixed
#12882 [Patch] Use LayerManager for LayerListDialog team enhancement normal fixed
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