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#12492 [regression] JOSM trunk won't build since rev 9689 team defect blocker latest fixed
#12405 Glue function doesn't work for nodes and ways Don-vip defect critical latest fixed
#4003 Upload dialog makes it too easy to overwrite the correct edit summary of open changesets on the server with whatever is in the summary checkbox team defect major latest fixed
#6517 gpx marker: display comments (<cmt>) team enhancement major fixed
#7612 [Patch] Prefer OAuth, provide authorization at upload simon04 enhancement major fixed
#8041 role reversed during combine remains reversed upon canceling/undoing team defect major fixed
#12300 Drag and Drop support for relation member list reordering simon04 enhancement major fixed
#12364 History dialog: show old and new coordinate on map simon04 enhancement major fixed
#12382 NPE when querying for history of deleted node team defect major fixed
#12419 the "add tag window" on 9563 does not work kolesar defect major fixed
#12443 [patch] adding member to a new relation causes NPE Don-vip defect major fixed
#4996 Can't download data elements in changeset dialog team enhancement normal fixed
#5546 relation editor: copying mixes up sorting team defect normal latest fixed
#6103 Do not close changeset after "cancelled upload" team defect normal tested fixed
#6171 Improve OAuth message in wizard simon04 enhancement normal tested fixed
#6442 changeset tags not preserved after failure team enhancement normal tested fixed
#7004 Wrong changeset comment when switching between multiple open changesets team defect normal latest fixed
#7090 Upload dialog allow select another user open changeset team defect normal latest fixed
#7122 WMS authentication team enhancement normal fixed
#7943 Default OAuth settings not in line with used API server team defect normal fixed
#8149 Changeset tags handling coming from a .osm file team defect normal fixed
#8749 "add to relation" in relation toggle dialog context menu leads to many empty roles. team defect normal latest fixed
#8804 [Patch] Add author field in conflict dialog simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#9925 Enough GPS traces, thanks team enhancement normal fixed
#10306 Changeset manager does not know username of current uploaded and open changeset team defect normal fixed
#10773 [Patch] Map status tooltip: ise "Easting" and "Northing" for projected coordinate systems team defect normal latest fixed
#10789 Support changeset discussions (comments) in history dialog team enhancement normal fixed
#11305 After canceling upload a new instead of the existing still open changeset is used on next upload team defect normal latest fixed
#11685 Use sub-second exif/xmp data team enhancement normal fixed
#12083 [Patch] Error message: Error in filter "unexpected token. Expected <right parent>, found <key>" simon04 defect normal latest fixed
#12131 warn when closing relation editor window with x top right team defect normal fixed
#12160 Combobox List Entries with Empty Value – display_value and short_description not shown team defect normal tested fixed
#12186 extend projection support in josm core team enhancement normal fixed
#12224 [Patch] Dialog for "Search menu items" simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#12286 display tags, which are set by presets with <key> team enhancement normal fixed
#12304 Warn about relations when unglueing team defect normal fixed
#12309 Make way accuracy mode even more accurate at T junctions team enhancement normal latest fixed
#12312 Error when loading GPX file with single point and track dynamic track coloring team defect normal fixed
#12321 JOSM SVN compiled with openjdk 7 fails to start team defect normal fixed
#12335 ExtrudeAction causes NullPointerException if dual alignment setting is toggled without active layer, improve other enabled states team defect normal tested fixed
#12338 allow for quicker conflict resolution team enhancement normal fixed
#12343 Needs vertical scrollbar when deleting a lot of data team defect normal fixed
#12347 Split way breaks destination_sign relations team defect normal latest fixed
#12350 [patch] snap scale to native zoom levels team enhancement normal latest fixed
#12352 [patch] delete layer from file menu team enhancement normal latest fixed
#12354 [Patch] OsmPrimitiveKeyHandlingTest clean up team enhancement normal fixed
#12355 [Patch] Add a new TagMap as Set<String, String> michael2402 enhancement normal fixed
#12356 [Patch] OsmReaderPerformanceTest team enhancement normal fixed
#12367 [patch] remember user input when upload dialog is closed team enhancement normal fixed
#12368 [patch] disable focus on multiline labels team enhancement normal fixed
#12369 [patch] default extension for saving files read from preferences team enhancement normal fixed
#12370 [patch] adapted osm file filter to other file types team enhancement normal fixed
#12374 [patch] compression option for autosave team enhancement normal fixed
#12378 java.lang.NullPointerException when converting data layer to gpx team defect normal tested fixed
#12380 [patch] fixed confirmation of overwriting existing file team defect normal fixed
#12381 AssertionError on "Resolve to their versions" team defect normal latest fixed
#12384 Keep history of custom OSM Server URLs simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#12390 [patch] rename layer does not check existing file team defect normal fixed
#12391 [patch] saving renamed layer replaces name team defect normal fixed
#12392 [patch] default filename when saving layer team enhancement normal fixed
#12394 [patch] native file chooser was empty when setSelectedFile existed team defect normal fixed
#12395 [patch] fix displaying shortcut key of help action in properties dialog team defect normal fixed
#12409 [patch] arrow on edit relation button lists recent relations kolesar enhancement normal fixed
#12410 [patch] refresh relation team enhancement normal fixed
#12417 [patch] mapmodes did not listen to preferences change team defect normal fixed
#12421 [patch] fixed dialog to set number of recently added tags team defect normal fixed
#12438 [patch] hide items from list of recently added tags team enhancement normal fixed
#12440 Keyboard shortcuts is not really readable on Mac ggeldenhuis enhancement normal fixed
#12442 [patch] save session as caused NPE when there were no layers team defect normal fixed
#12448 [patch] session reader failed when linked local file was compressed team defect normal tested fixed
#12452 icons in relation list display low priority icons team defect normal fixed
#12454 [patch] set default values of preferences on construct team defect normal fixed
#12460 [patch] choose color with double-click team enhancement normal tested fixed
#12461 [patch] repaint map after opening file team defect normal tested fixed
#12462 [patch] Extend Save Layers dialog for more layer types bastiK enhancement normal fixed
#12465 Exception when entering timestamp search expression team defect normal latest fixed
#12467 regression: relation presets no longer fit correct Don-vip defect normal latest fixed
#12469 update overpass wizard code simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#12477 Selection/relation list: fall back to fast icons when displaying many items simon04 defect normal fixed
#12485 Wrong GPX Correlation team defect normal fixed
#12486 Sub second offset for picture and gpx correlation team enhancement normal fixed
#12488 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while copying tags from previous selection of multi-polygon building to another chetanha91@… defect normal latest fixed
#12504 java.lang.StackOverflowError at SearchCompiler on when Searching Key/Value in tag window team defect normal latest fixed
#12506 IndexOutOfBoundsException when searching presets team defect normal fixed
#12522 Advanced preferences: display default entries consistently team enhancement normal wontfix
#12524 [patch] heading calculation reversed longitudes team defect normal tested fixed
#12535 Spliting ways give wrong message in the Command Stack team defect normal latest fixed
#12539 [patch] reverse zoom with mouse wheel team enhancement normal fixed
#12547 Overpass API "Build query" does not work team defect normal fixed
#12550 in relation editor, node features are shown without name (only icon) team defect normal fixed
#12559 The “Skip Download” popup displays incorrectly team defect normal tested fixed
#12560 NoSuchElementException while downloading relation members team defect normal fixed
#12563 enhance preference key `statusbar.decimal-format` also for lat/lon team enhancement normal fixed
#12580 Upload failure with Oauth - HTTP 401 Unauthorized achimbeckerstgt@… defect normal latest fixed
#8824 Cancel download on broken connection does not work team defect minor latest fixed
#12416 first combo value hidden team defect minor fixed
#12434 TaginfoTestIT/checkPopularTags fails Don-vip defect minor fixed
#12453 add icon for `discourage upload` team enhancement minor fixed
#12456 unused osm server address box shows red border team defect minor fixed
#12507 slow scrolling in "Map Paint Styles" window team defect minor latest fixed
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