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#11381 autolanguage does not work . english instead of system language (was: JOSM plötzlich auf Englisch) team defect major latest fixed
#11384 UI problem with add tag dialog team defect major fixed
#10139 improve HTTP caching team enhancement normal fixed
#10396 Disconnecting nodes from way could be easier team enhancement normal fixed
#10512 Provide tag usage files for Taginfo team enhancement normal fixed
#11290 House Number field needs a minimum width (OSX) team defect normal fixed
#11383 JOSM froze and unexpected Exception error is the only thing available team defect normal fixed
#11421 "Add node" should support 'lat="..." lon="..."' specification team enhancement normal tested fixed
#11422 Help for keyboard shortcut should consider the operating system team defect normal tested fixed
#11429 Desktop-Konfigurationsdatei Josef.Latt@… enhancement normal fixed
#11432 Null Pointer Exception when loading GPX file team defect normal latest fixed
#11447 recent coding style changes team defect normal fixed
#11449 Belarusian language translation not included team enhancement normal fixed
#11457 Cannot import zip files using JosmRemote for OpenData plugin team defect normal fixed
#11466 ConcurrentModificationException in java.util.HashMap team defect normal fixed
#11485 NPE: Failed to retrieve atom name team defect normal fixed
#11508 Move Node onto Way action moves the way aswell team defect normal fixed
#11512 [PATCH] Added most commonly used ellipsoids BathoryPeter enhancement normal fixed
#11515 JOSM crashed (TMS cache problem) wiktorn defect normal latest fixed
#11518 TurnRestrictions plugin conflicts with CADTools, LaneConnector and ContourOverlappingMerge team defect normal fixed
#11528 "Distribute Nodes" menu item not available for translation team defect normal tested fixed
#11562 Offset error window team defect normal fixed
#7421 [patch] circle created from way heads always clockwise team enhancement minor fixed
#8562 JOSM does not use IPV6 team defect minor fixed
#11266 [Patch] Fix SVG version of JOSM logo floscher enhancement minor fixed
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