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#11300 block by start download - first step after update team defect blocker fixed
#5880 change the direction of the new way when combining with a coastline team enhancement normal latest fixed
#7630 Provide a "zoom to all downloaded" feature team enhancement normal tested fixed
#9533 Wrong behavior of autocomplete in text boxes team enhancement normal fixed
#10632 add separator in edit toolbar team enhancement normal fixed
#10720 Autocomplete changing default values in presets team defect normal fixed
#10973 Sorting of type=route, public_transport:version=2 relations team enhancement normal fixed
#10977 Change way direction: Missing case of changing key team defect normal latest fixed
#11148 Add Valencian language to josm (ca@valencia) team enhancement normal fixed
#11184 "split way" is splitting an other way instead of the selected team defect normal latest fixed
#11271 [PATCH] Development option: skip loading presets team enhancement normal fixed
#11275 [Patch] More info when multiple tag values present (helps prevent mistakes when editing multiple values) team enhancement normal fixed
#11280 "Guest House/Bed & Breakfast" entry translations do not show team defect normal tested fixed
#11282 Lithuanian language translation not included team defect normal fixed
#11284 Paiement as translation of note in French team defect normal fixed
#11302 "distribute nodes" acts weirdly if the way is not reasonably straight already team defect normal tested fixed
#11317 [patch] tiles flicker team defect normal latest fixed
#11343 Length keyword in search team enhancement normal tested fixed
#11351 Search nodes with a specific tag and element of more than one way team enhancement normal fixed
#11354 Improve behavior when entering value without closing dialog team enhancement normal fixed
#11357 off-by-one error when searching with nth: team defect normal fixed
#11358 Allow to search the last node/member with nth: team enhancement normal fixed
#11359 metadata-extractor 2.8.1 is available team enhancement normal fixed
#11362 On Mac OS X, JOSM asks twice to overwrite a file team defect normal tested fixed
#6994 Handle re-ordered nodes in history dialog for ways better team enhancement minor fixed
#10600 Include imagery_used tag value in ctl-h history display team enhancement minor fixed
#10790 Checkboxes in adding tags dialog team enhancement minor tested fixed
#11050 Exception in file open dialog when file not selected filipus@… enhancement minor latest fixed
#11335 [PATCH] Number of recent tags query in Add Value dialog reacts on Cancel with an message team defect minor latest fixed
#11369 Add EPSG:2019 projection team enhancement minor fixed
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