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#11162 [patch] support for metadata-extractor 2.7.2 team enhancement normal fixed
#11197 Hidden objects can be selected using double click team defect normal latest fixed
#11206 NPE of NotificationManager team defect normal fixed
#11227 [patch] MapCSS rendering speed could be improved by reducing string/integer conversions. team enhancement normal fixed
#11230 [PATCH] Properly cancel the "Adjust imagery offset" dialog when closed from window manager team defect normal latest fixed
#11249 [Patch] Remove some unneccessary variable boxing. team enhancement normal fixed
#11250 [Patch] User#userMap is not synchronized team defect normal fixed
#11257 [Patch] Drop dependency on Apache Commons Codec team enhancement normal fixed
#11259 Error uploading changes team defect normal fixed
#11272 error in gpx exporting team defect normal latest fixed
#11220 Search within selection shows incorrect number of matches team defect minor fixed
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