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#6896 New logo team enhancement normal latest fixed
#6909 Necessity of History toggle dialog? team enhancement normal fixed
#9059 Incorrect assumptions made about API/website URLs team defect normal fixed
#9564 NPE in Storage$PrimitiveIdHash.getHashCode anonymous defect normal fixed
#10667 NPE while sorting relation team defect normal fixed
#10678 double click on a relation in selection dialog should open edit relation dialog team enhancement normal fixed
#10687 make properties.remember-recently-added-tags=true as default team enhancement normal fixed
#10695 NPE with v7694, v7684 works team defect normal fixed
#10701 Initial support changeset discussions (comments) in changeset dialog team enhancement normal fixed
#10774 < character not shown from translated string team defect normal latest fixed
#10775 Smartly combine capacity= on object join by summing values jengelh@… enhancement normal fixed
#10778 assocStreet - automatic member type assignment is broken team defect normal tested fixed
#10821 [PATCH] ImproveWayAccuracy produces self-intersecting ways team defect normal fixed
#10822 [patch] Getter Method to add a Filter to the FilterDialog team enhancement normal tested fixed
#10809 Cannot click on geotagged pictures in 'Lasso Select Mode' team defect minor fixed
#10721 the changeset manager dialog has some empty tooltips team defect trivial latest fixed
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