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#10219 NPE in CachedFile.getInputStream during start team defect blocker latest fixed
#10092 Preset filtering does not work for closed ways team defect major latest fixed
#7991 [patch] extruder: smallering non-rectified object can lead to unwanted, self-intersecting objects. team defect normal latest fixed
#9518 Automatically reload local config files when changed team enhancement normal fixed
#10025 Double-clicking .osm file on Mac OS X doesn't open JOSM team defect normal fixed
#10040 Broken compilation for newer JDKs team defect normal latest fixed
#10078 no style reload with r7185 bastiK defect normal fixed
#10086 delete empty layer, save, and… team defect normal tested fixed
#10104 Use single AWTEventListener for key press/release and alt/shift/ctrl detection team enhancement normal latest fixed
#10115 Coordinates near zero meridian are saved in scientific notation team defect normal fixed
#10168 Double default value of createcircle.nodecount team enhancement normal fixed
#10172 Cannot open GPX from URL team defect normal latest fixed
#10173 Modification of styles without any data layer causes an exception team defect normal fixed
#10212 ImproveWayAccuracy: key listeners forgot to remove themselves team defect normal latest fixed
#10052 Wrong server URL in the error message team defect minor fixed
#10077 Typo in translatable string team defect minor fixed
#10079 possible problems in English strings (part 2) team defect trivial latest fixed
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