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#9638 Error message immediately after starting JOSM Don-vip defect blocker latest fixed
#9639 NPE when trying to upload data team defect blocker latest fixed
#9654 [patch] [build fix] classes that use JMapViewer shoudn't use OsmMercator directly team defect blocker fixed
#9656 6792 - Problem Upload delete way team defect blocker latest fixed
#5783 DataIntegrityProblemException: "Primitive must be part of the dataset" after successful upload team defect critical latest fixed
#9699 JOSM starts as few pixel width window. Don-vip defect critical latest fixed
#9701 NPE in ToggleDialog team defect critical latest fixed
#9647 IllegalDataException: An invalid XML character Don-vip defect major fixed
#9655 replace geometry loosing tags when making an area from a node team defect major latest fixed
#9670 IndexOutOfBoundsException with Tag Conflict Resolver team defect major latest fixed
#6373 Uploading deleted nodes that are still referenced by relations leads to unfixable editor state Don-vip defect normal fixed
#8413 [Patch] Address preset not being cleared team defect normal tested fixed
#9104 Better handling of semicolon in values: make it harder to add such values team enhancement normal fixed
#9406 Verify for new versions of plugins on crashes team enhancement normal fixed
#9600 Color by speed or age on GPX traces team enhancement normal fixed
#9624 [Patch] wrong order of deleted relations at upload team defect normal fixed
#9633 MapCSS: allow (named) colours with alpha simon04 enhancement normal fixed
#9643 [patch] cleanup SlippyMapBBoxChooser from a TileSource implementation team defect normal fixed
#9657 Clicked on Help when plugin cant be loaded info at startup team defect normal fixed
#9675 "add tag" window not resizeable team defect normal latest fixed
#9678 Download Object dialog always selects mixed type for numerical value in clipboard team defect normal tested fixed
#9689 Superfluous "overlapping water areas" by validator team defect normal fixed
#9692 IllegalStateException with print and pdfimport plugins Don-vip defect normal latest fixed
#9703 Turning on key>value type filter causes unexpected exception team defect normal latest fixed
#9709 Fast adding preset to toolbar team enhancement normal latest fixed
#9710 JOSM doesn't support https for talking to the API team defect normal fixed
#9711 NPE in java.lang.NumberFormatException after updating plugin list team defect normal latest fixed
#9714 Endless "checking plugin preconditions..." when no plugins are activated team defect normal fixed
#9715 Improve HTTP support for styles and presets web queries team enhancement normal fixed
#9718 java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero team defect normal fixed
#9724 [PATCH] User-defined WMS SRS setting for custom projections team defect normal latest fixed
#9765 Launchpad translation template misses 3 strings team defect normal invalid
#9611 improvements to the Download object dialog simon04 defect minor fixed
#9637 Background color of status bar gauges never changes Don-vip enhancement minor tested fixed
#9659 show changeset's source tag in history view team enhancement minor tested fixed
#9660 opening a gpx directly from does not work for some traces simon04 defect minor tested fixed
#9712 Can't create bicycle parking in ways naoliv defect minor fixed
#9744 Change OsmApi#sendRequest() to protected Don-vip enhancement minor fixed
#8234 Icon image twice in source team enhancement trivial latest fixed
#9662 a converted gpx layer's name is changed by an attempt to save (save was cancelled) team defect trivial tested fixed
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