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#17927 Rollback Introduction page to ver 65 new team enhancement normal
#18691 link to English version in the internal help browser new team enhancement normal
#18748 WikiStart Start Page - How much details for download options? new team defect normal
#18986 How to handle missing upper level pages new team enhancement normal
#19504 Better documentation of mapcss validator rules syntax new team enhancement normal
#20124 Revise osmwiki:JOSM/Installation and osmwiki:JOSM/Linux new team task normal
#21230 Update developing plugin documentation of selection change listener new team task normal
#21448 StartPage direction for Arabic new team defect normal
#21549 url not found in new team defect normal
#21595 Missmatches in comparison between ​ELI and JOSM imagery lists new team enhancement normal
#21958 Is it possible to use JOSM with OS other than Windows, Linux or Mac? new team enhancement normal
#22464 wiki EdgeSelection new team defect normal
#23207 Page "EdgeSelection" is under "En:" and it does not have any translation new team defect normal
#23679 Update OSM Server preference page new team task normal
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